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[IMG]winter trees.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:18 4.7M 
[IMG]winter sunset 3.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:32 3.6M 
[IMG]winter sunset 2.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:32 5.6M 
[IMG]winter sunset.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:33 4.6M 
[IMG]winter quanah 5.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:20 8.7M 
[IMG]winter quanah 4.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:19 3.4M 
[IMG]winter quanah 3.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:21 7.4M 
[IMG]winter quanah 2.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:21 3.9M 
[IMG]winter quanah 1.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:23 9.5M 
[IMG]winter pelican 1.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:11 2.4M 
[IMG]winter lost lake 2.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:25 7.2M 
[IMG]winter lost lake.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:26 2.0M 
[IMG]winter longhorn 3.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:23 4.1M 
[IMG]winter longhorn 2.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:32 3.3M 
[IMG]winter longhorn.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:13 4.1M 
[IMG]winter lake.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:30 4.6M 
[IMG]winter gazebo.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:30 4.3M 
[IMG]winter ferguson house.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:18 2.3M 
[IMG]winter elk mountain 2.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:28 3.6M 
[IMG]winter elk mountain.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:12 3.5M 
[IMG]winter doris.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:26 5.9M 
[IMG]winter dog 1.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:34 3.3M 
[IMG]winter deer 2.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:28 3.4M 
[IMG]winter deer.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:29 3.6M 
[IMG]winter burford.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:25 6.4M 
[IMG]winter buffalo 2.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:28 3.1M 
[IMG]winter buffalo 1.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:27 2.9M 
[IMG]winter boulders.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:17 3.2M 
[IMG]winter baldy vertical.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:15 4.3M 
[IMG]winter baldy horizontal.jpg04-Jan-2019 17:16 3.5M 

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